Guest Writers

We are lucky to have some of the best minds in the industry write content for our blog.

Meet our guest bloggers:


grant van zyl

After having many years of experience (started in 2002) in the financial sector and being a large shareholder in a successful financial firm, HvZ Financial Consultants, and having completed a post-graduate diploma in financial planning (and also NQF 4-6 and Cum Laude in Wealth Management), we assure you Grant Van Zyl has learnt many tricks along his journey.

Grant provides us with excellent articles that simplify the most important financial concepts so even your 6-year old kid can understand them.

To learn more about Grant and the services he can provide you with visit his website by clicking here.


franscois steyn

Francois completed his BCom Honours in Investment Management from the University of Pretoria in 2013 whilst working full-time as a stockbroker and equity analyst at one of South Africa’s most notable broker firms where he is still currently based. He has his CFA Level 1 under his belt and is fascinated by the roller coaster ride that is the financial markets and the South African economy.

He is an avid reader, enthusiastic photographer and enjoys writing and going for the occasional jog.


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