The Authors

We have a great team of writers who aim to provide you with the freshest content right off the stock market press, every day.

Meet the team:



Byron is the king of everything finance and market-related. If you need the latest news or views you just need to ask Mr Goldberg.

He is born and bred in Johannesburg and the proudest patriot of South Africa around.

He is finishing his Bachelor of Accounting Science degree at the University of Witswaterstrand after which he will do articles for 3 years at a financial firm.

Being the philanthropist he is, his ultimate goal is to head off into big, wild Africa with the aim of making it a better place for all (how can you not love this guy?).

 His passion for the stock market is only matched by his love for music, sports, travelling the world and Breaking Bad (pity its over now).

 The book shelf above his bed consists of only financially-oriented books, most of which he will openly admit he has neglected to read.

Drop Byron an email if you want to learn more or ask him any questions:



Noni as she is affectionately known is a part-time contributor to the daily news when Byron is off jet-setting somewhere around the world.

She hails from the gorgeous landscape of the Eastern Cape and is still finding her feet in the rough and tumble Johannesburg landscape. If you want to know about anything young and cool happening in the investing and finance space check out her awesome site Fund Babies.

Or you can drop her a line on



Part-time editor and founder of Stock Shop. Might look blonde but don’t let it fool you.

Feel free to ask Annabel anything, just drop her a mail on


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